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  • Igreja São Domingos - Hotel Costa Dalpiaz - Torres - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil .jpg

Enjoy the Santo Domingo Church

The Church of Santo Domingo was the first church to be built on the stretch between Laguna and Osorio. In 1815 the village had about 400 souls, scattered in a large area of ​​land that stretched from the river Mampituba the Arroio do Sal. The religious service of this population depended on the parish of Our Lady of the Conception of Arroyo (today Osorio) almost 100 km away.

The building and its interior decoration have an eclectic style with some neoclassical and neogothic same traits, however predominating elements of late colonial baroque, very simplified. Its external lines are somewhat rude, but have a certain grace. The façade has a small churchyard with few steps staircase leading to one central door down arch, flanked by two blind arches framing round crosses in relief. At the top level, three windows arc also shot surmounted of a pediment gable with an oculus curves round the center, simple prismatic pinnacles and a cross.