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Discover Island of the Wolves

The Lobos Island has the formation of volcanic origin, probably the same of Torres. It is located about 1,800 meters from high tide and is a conservation unit, qualified as Refuge of Wildlife and maintained under the responsibility of Torres drive the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation.

On the island is forbidden any fishing activity, landing or practicing sports such as surfing. The place is inhabited by wolves and sea lions that use it as a rest on their migratory routes as well as birds of various species, including ocean, as well as corals and shellfish.

The Wolves of Isle also serves as a tourist attraction of the tourist boats that circulate around. In 1963, a historical fact the merchant navy of Brazil, the ship "Avai" there shipwrecked, starting at noon, after hitting the rocks. There were no casualties, only material damage in the accident.