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Torres and his Attractions

For those who do not know the story towers, the city has this name because it is populated primarily on three hills (rock formations) which are known as Morro do Farol (North Tower), hill of the guardhouse (tower middle), and the south tower .The city has several tourist and cultural attractions, our tip is to first know the beaches of the Guardhouse, Cal, Itapeva, Grande and Prainha. Then do a city tour by "Dindinho" (circular which makes the edge of the great beach Guardhouse) or online tour that leaves the square in the center of Torres.

Other places to be known are: the suspension bridge over the river Mampituba, the quays of the river, the island of wolves by catamaran makes the crossing. Be sure to visit the St. Dominic parish church which was inaugurated in 1889, the house number one (side) where I stayed overnight D.Pedro and down the street (now Julio de Castilhos) with its hamlets Azoreans. Other tours ask our receptionists.